Entreprise Grade Event Registration System

Adopted by Government and Corporate / Highly Secure


Registration Process

1. Online Application
1. Online Application
Participants fill-in online application form either by Desktop or Mobile phones
2. Settle Payment
2. Settle Payment
Via Paypal (VISA / Master), cheque or ATM transfer to complete the application
3. Receive Confirmation Email
3. Receive Confirmation Email
Includes Reference No., QR Code for check-in
4. QR Code to check-in
4. QR Code to check-in
Event Organizer scan the QR code for attendees identity verification

Adopted by Government, School and Corporates

This product targets for clients who want to offer Online event registration / enrollment for members.

"Event" can be any marketing campaign, sports event, marathon, seminar, courses, workshops... The Event Management Systems includes a membership system to record all users event registration. Member will receive an aknowlegement email with an registraiton ID (for attendance checking) after member "enroll" or "join" an event.

Solutions and Use cases

Online Booking

Applicable to Course Learning Centre, Museum and Exhibition Centre. Readmore

School Admission

Supports complicated registration form with image/file upload. Applicable to Kindergarten, Primary or Secondary School. Readmore

Design Competition

Supports different registration group, accept zip/pdf/jpg artwork upload.

Course Registration

Supports regular and multiple days course registration.

Large-scale application

Supports thousands of application in short period of time, using AWS to handle peak traffic.

Conference / Forum RSVP

Registration by Invitation, Invitee management and QR code generation


  • Powerful Form Builder Engine

    Developed by Nasthon, DynaForm, an advanced form building engine, allow general user to build a complex Registration Form.

  • Native Bilingual support

    As a Hong Kong company, we understand that "Chinese + English" is essential to Hong Kong environment. The whole website supports Bilingual, including content, registration form and email notification template.

  • Content Customization

    Self-support is the design concept of iEvent, we offer the greatest flexiblity to client to update the website content, including CMS, registration form and email notification templates.

  • Built on Amazon Web Services

    By levering powerful computing capacity ofAmazon Web Service (AWS), iEvent can handle thousands of applications and peak traffic, providing stable and fast user experience.

  • Comprehensive Ticketing System

    You can setup different ticket types with different prices, target on different user groups in different times. There is also a "Discount Coupon" system that allow you to integrate with your marketing campaign.

  • Personal Data Protection

    Registration process will involve lots of sensitive personal data, based on Amazon Web services, we have serious measures to protect personal data both on "Data in Transit" (SSL Certfificate) and "Data at Rest" (Database is encrypted using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm). There is also a "Auto removal of Personal Data" feature to make sure personal data is removed from the system at specific time.

Large-scale Application

Urban Renewal Authority
Starter Homes Pilot Project for Hong Kong Residents
eResidence Online Application System

Online application for Hong Kong Housing Society Subsidised Sale Flats Projects 2017
Terrace Concerto (Tuen Mun)

Online application for Hong Kong Housing Society Subsidised Sale Flats Projects 2017
Mount Verdant (Tseung Kwan O)

Oxford+Keys HKDSE Mock Exams
School Registration

School Admission System

Pui Ching Primary School

Raimondi College Primary Section

Raimondi College Primary Section

Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School

Fukien Secondary School

Fukien Secondary School

Pui Kiu Middle School

Pui Ching Primary School (Kindergarten)

Online Booking System

Hong Kong Space Mueseum
Online booking system

The Fire and Ambulance Services Education Centre cum Museum, HKSAR

Playcope Centre Online Booking System

Event / Course Registration System

Discovery & Education Department - Ocean Park Hong Kong

Discovery & Education Department - Ocean Park Hong Kong

進一步的天空 - 民建聯內地工作實習計劃

進一步的天空 - 民建聯內地工作實習計劃

Playright (Event Enrollment System)

Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club

Hapi Reading Club



City University of Hong Kong (EMBA Association)

Sports Event Registration System


Coca-Cola Running Fun

Coca-Cola Running Fun

Activist Association

Pink Run HK

Conference/Forum RSVP System


HKUGA Primary School Annual Performance<br>Ticketing System

HKUGA Primary School Annual Performance
Ticketing System

ASUS ZenFone 5Z 香港首賣會

ASUS ZenFone 5Z 香港首賣會

IDMC HK - Evangelical Free Church of China

Asia Asset Management

Woolworths Group Limited
Foodco Asia & BigW Asia
Quality and Responsible Sourcing
Roadshow 2018

Conference/Forum RSVP System

UNICEF - Little Artists Big Dreams Drawing Competition 2019

尊重版權 創作之源 - 2018/19年度全港校際尊重版權創作比賽

G.e.t. LoveIN 築動愛 2017 - 慈善建築設計比賽

G.e.t. LoveIN 築動愛 2017 - 慈善建築設計比賽